How It All Began For Me

How It All Began For Me

With Bea

Summer 2009

How did I find Pilates? In March of 2009, the joy of my life, my daughter Bea, was born. I began my workout routine, running and lifting weights. After a year, my body was back to its smaller size, but everything about it looked different. On the advice of a friend, I decided to take a Pilates class. The changes were immediate, truly beginning after my first lesson. I stood more upright. My back pain diminished. My belly flattened. The improvements in my physical body delighted me, but what I found even more essential, were the changes in my emotional self. In Pilates, I learned I could breathe instead of brace and instead of using exercise as punishment, I could use it as nourishment. Pilates brings peace and calm as much as it increases flexibility and strength. I teach because I want others to feel the changes that I have felt. I hope this journal inspires you to bring the principles of Pilates into your life.

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