Enter: Drynamics.

In Drynamics, we examine how our everyday patterns and behaviors are unintentionally holding us back. We start with just one pattern— the way we use alcohol— and the changes grow from there.

Drynamics is NOT an addiction recovery program. It’s a starting point. Drynamics is NOT about learning how to live without alcohol for the rest of your life. It’s giving yourself a structured three-months of space to grow in the absence of distraction. Drynamics is NOT about turning you into someone else. Your supported self-examination will allow YOU to reveal the self you’ve been trying to find all along.

-Clean up the ways you show up in your relationships.

-Find the missing tools to make progress in your business.

-Throw away bad habits like procrastination and avoidance.

-Figure out what you really want from your life and start making moves in that direction.

-Create some space. Clear out what you don’t need from your body and your mind.

Are you curious about how a program of small changes can bring you big results? Are you interested in reevaluating your relationship to alcohol, food, exercise, etc.? This current session of Drynamics is full and off to a great start. Join me and 20 motivated peers on our next adventure in recreational sobriety, starting January 2020. Plant the seed now and get ready to change your life. Space will be limited. Let’s connect.