Lubricate the joints of the spine and ribcage to help release the connective tissue and muscles throughout the entire torso. 

Movement of an area occurs at the joints and there are over a hundred of them in the ribcage and spine. When a joint experiences movement, synovial fluid is released to help lubricate and move it more, like giving oil to the Tin Man.

What movement will produce the valuable fluid needed to keep all of these joints feeling youthful?

Seated Mermaid.

The broad spiraling of Seated Mermaid will efficiently move the connections throughout ribcage and spine, both laterally and also in rotation. The opening of those joints will allow for a greater stretch of the connective tissues which will be felt throughout the entire side body, shoulder girdle, hips and back. Breathing deeply through these movements will encourage even more movement.

Enjoy this exercise until you feel released.