Chicken Fascia

What is FASCIA?

Fascia is connective tissue that is made primarily of collagen. Fascia runs through every muscle, tendon and cell in our body.

What does FASCIA do?

Fascia coats muscle cells, producing smooth and coordinated movements between muscles. Since fascia is literally everywhere, connecting like a spider web, it is responsible for transmitting and redirecting forces through the body. Fascia controls these reactions by communicating with the central nervous system (your brain).

What happens if my FASCIA is unhealthy?

When our fascia becomes damaged, our body creates compensation patterns and imbalances. Think of an intricate highway system, like that in Chicago. If there's even a small accident on I-290, every car's commute is adjusted. Now imagine if the accident was never cleared off the highway. Small tears and tightnesses in our body act the same way. Keep your fascial "roads" clear to help correct these imbalances (I'll explain how, below). As small injuries and tears begin to accumulate without restoration, these imbalances will lead to chronic pain or injury. 

How can you keep your FASCIA healthy?

Slow dynamic stretching is the best way to open your fascia, holding each stretch for 30-90 seconds, gradually increasing the range and force of your stretch. Use a foam roller to roll out areas that seem especially tight. Move slowly through tightness so the pressure of the roller will help melt and smooth those areas. Fascia craves water so staying well-hydrated will also help fascia function best.

Take the time to nourish your Fascia, every day. Your body will thank you later!