Simple Shift

From: $95.00

-Sober-positive community
-Regular content and assignments from coaches
-One year membership
-Experience upgrades available

$95 now, and $95 on 5/15, 6/15 and 7/15



Simple Shift

Have you ever noticed how hard things become easy things when you do them with friends? That’s because it’s built into our DNA; humans are pack animals! Our community makes all the difference and now more than ever we’ve seen the importance and the value of our virtual community.

Connect with a diverse group of past and present Drynamics members in a safe and private group. This group is our daily hub, think of it as your “Drynamics on-the-go” (or Drynamics-lite?). Katie will drop in live and post weekly inspiring content as well as checkpoints and assignments that you can complete on your own schedule. Openly share your personal stories and challenges, celebrate your big wins and support the group with your valuable experience insight. Come together and stay on track. Drynamics is a 12 week commitment but this FB membership lasts for a full year.

The first step to living a mindful drinking lifestyle is to find other sober-positive friends, we’ve got you covered!

Interested in adding more support to your Drynamics experience? We have a la carte options like support meetings, live meditations, nutrition counseling, 1:1 support and more. Reach out to if you would like more information about upgrading your Drynamics experience.

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