Simple Shift

$29.85 / season (3 months)

Not sure if the drynamics program is right for you? Join our Facebook community to learn more and follow the inspiring stories of other drynamics students! 



The facebook group is where everyone comes together across all levels of membership to share insight and be inspired.  By asking questions and having open conversations about drinking, you’ll be helping to rewire your thoughts. When you change your thoughts, you change your habits!

  • Engaging group content with Drynamics coaches
  • Choose to up-level your experience as needed.
  • Facebook members enjoy a 20% discount on meditation, 1:1 coaching, online workshops, in-person events and more

This supportive program provides you the tools and motivation to make the shifts you’ve been craving. Drynamics is an opportunity to learn more about self-care, build new relationships that challenge you and unlock your full potential that will leave you feeling refreshed. 

Payment Options

$9.95 per month subscription

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12 month subscription

12 Month Subscription


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