Drynamics – Deep Shift


Deep Shift is our signature program. It’s designed to support those who want BIG shifts and are ready to make a BIG commitment. This will be a small group and space is limited to 10 members only so reserve your spot today!



Social Shift

Have you ever noticed how hard things become easy things when you do them with friends? We are pack animals, our community makes all the difference and now more than ever we’ve seen the importance and the value of our virtual community. The first step to living a mindful drinking lifestyle is to find other sober positive friends, we’ve got your first step covered! Connect with a diverse group of past and present Drynamics members in a safe and private group. The FB group is our daily hub, think of it as your Drynamics on the go (or Drynamics-lite?). Katie will drop in live and post weekly inspiring content as well as checkpoints and assignments that you can complete on your own schedule. Feel open to share your personal stories and challenges to celebrate your big wins and share your valuable experience insight to help others. Come together and stay on track. This FB membership lasts for one full year.

Personal Shift

We all have a story around our alcohol use and uncovering the truth behind our habits is the secret to your success. Understand why you drink and get clear on why you want to drink less. Work with Katie 1:1 in order to unmask alcohol’s role in your life. Recognize when you are having urges and reduce those urges by learning new ways to show up for yourself. Develop a personalized approach rooted in self-compassion to help you change the way you interact with alcohol.

Think Shift

Weekly journal prompts and worksheets will be provided to keep you on track while helping dig into the “why” behind your urge to misuse alcohol. Remember who you were before you started drinking regularly by getting to know your true self again. Question your current way of thinking. Uncover your truest desires.

Talk Shift

Let lead coach Katie and the other members of Drynamics have your back as you move through 12 weeks without alcohol in our bi-monthly, live group meeting. Gather on Zoom in a private, supported environment for seven, 75 minute meetings. Here we’ll talk strategy for managing a long break without alcohol so that you’ll feel supported and be able to offer support in return.. This is a safe space where we practice being vulnerable and open as sober people; a positive space to get comfortable showing up, just as yourself. A few special meetups will be focused on Nutrition and we’ll be collectively reading “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle. Weekly Talk Shift journal prompts will be emailed to your inbox.

Read Shift
Be inspired to stay sober by exploring the world of alcohol misuse and alcohol-free living with the book “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle

– 90 minute Book Club on June 21st at 10am CST

Eat Shift
Why is it that when you give up alcohol, you immediately crave so much sugar? And how can you best support yourself to keep those cravings at bay? The removal of alcohol is a huge dietary change which means your body is going to have to go through an adjustment. Join Master Nutrition Therapist Taylor Wessel to learn about the way that alcohol chemically affects our bodies and how we can make this transition as smooth as possible. Ask Taylor anything! She’s here to provide real support as you transition your body away from alcohol. This meeting takes place in a group setting but there will be lots of time for personal questions and support. Taylor will also be available for the first 30 days of Drynamics for public questions on Facebook.

-2 hour group meeting with Master Nutrition Therapist, Taylor Wessel on May 17th at 10am CST
-Learn about supportive supplements and simple dietary shifts
-Discounted 1:1 support available

Write Shift
Daily journaling is the best way to uncover what’s behind your urges and a great support when shifting your habits. Let Drynamic’s prompts keep you digging into the “why” behind your urge to misuse alcohol. Weekly emailed prompts will help guide you to remember who you were before you started drinking. What are you passionate about? What are you tolerating that needs to go? This is the first step to living the life you desire.

-12 weekly journal prompts emailed to your inbox


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