Is Drynamics like AA?

Nope, Drynamics is not an addiction recovery program. It’s a group coaching program for people who do not feel addicted to alcohol but who are curious about their relationship with alcohol and want to see what life would feel like if they took a long break from alcohol.

How much does Drynamics cost?

There are several commitment levels. Take a look at the options HERE.

Do people tend to drink after 3 months?

It’s different for everyone and it mostly boils down to your starting point and your intentions. Are you a daily drinker who is looking to eliminate alcohol from your life? Or are you someone who enjoys a few cocktails on the weekends and are utilizing Drynamics as a challenge for your health? Have you tried cleanses a bunch of times in your life and you’re finally ready to truly make big changes or are you just needing a brief pause while you transition something major in your life? 

Some people have stopped drinking completely after 3 months in Drynamics. Others greatly reduce their intake. Some go back to their old patterns. And although you will be provided with the tools and structure to take as many long breaks as you need, many love the group so much that after exploring their relationship with alcohol on their own in the real world, they return for more support!

Will other people know I’m in the program?

This is a group program and although all of the meetings are held privately on Zoom, we encourage you to stay connected within our private FB group as well. There’s no shame in doing something good for your health and in Drynamics we encourage that you are open and honest about your choice to do something really positive for your body, your mind and your bank account. The first step to owning your choice to decline drinking is by owning it within this group. Feeling open and honest about your pride within a group of peers doing the same thing will help you have confidence when you’re sharing with friends and family.

What do I do in social drinking situations?

When you follow the Drynamics proven strategies, you’ll find out that most of our fears about sober socializing are completely unfounded. With a little support and strategy, it’s very fun and very easy to socialize without alcohol. We’ll teach you ways to be discerning about which invitations you’ll accept and give you strategies about how to show up as your best sober self within these events. Most people report craving alcohol for 2-10 minutes per week and we’ll give you strategies to manage those moments of craving.

Is this group therapy? Are you a therapist?

I’m not a therapist, I’m a coach. You can think of a therapist as someone who focuses on “why” problems have occurred where a coach focuses on “how” to help you make change.  Although the roles of coaches and therapists do overlap in some ways they offer very distinct services. And for the record, your therapist will love that you’re doing Drynamics!

What are the meetings like, how much time do I get to talk?

The meetings are a chance to check in with our journal assignments, to prepare for upcoming sober obstacles, to share our triumphs, to ask questions. There will always be weekly themes but there is also plenty of time to talk and share about whatever else is on your mind.

How much time should I set apart outside of the meetings?

That’s up to you! You’ll receive a support theme each week which will contain a 30 minute, audible lesson and an optional assignment that can vary in time commitment from 10 min to 2 hours. You’ll also be connected to other Drynamics members through FB and Slack which you can utilize as much as you need! 

Okay, so 12 weeks, that’s a LONG time! What if I end up having a drink?

Listen, it happens. We set the best intentions, we feel totally supported and then somehow we end up having a drink anyways. Do not feel ashamed. You’re trying something new and you just don’t know exactly what kind of challenges you’re up against. If you do take a “dipshift” you’ve just gotten a goldmine of information about your specific challenges around alcohol. Let’s utilize this information to bring you even more success moving forward. Whoever decided that cleaning up your relationship with alcohol requires a 100% success rate in just plain wrong and for some of us, that kind of pressure is enough to cause us to give up completely. 

Won’t I be craving alcohol all the time?

Nope! Participants feel so supported that they have reported craving alcohol for less than 10 minutes per week and mostly only during the first two weeks.

What is the time commitment?

Depending on the program you choose – the time commitment differs. If you choose the deep shift program, there is a higher level of commitment involved.

  • 1-hour meditation, weekly
  • 1.5-hours group meeting, bi-weekly
  • 1-hour Bi-weekly emailed support lessons 
  • Slack account and FB group can be used at your discretion

Are meetings recorded?

Yes, all of our support and strategy meetings will be recorded and stored in SLACK so that you can watch and re-watch as frequently as you would like.

What if I want more time than 12 weeks?

There is always a portion of the group that wishes the program would last longer. Drynamics now runs continuously so you can get support for as long as you need it! Enjoy a 50% early bird discount for a second 12 weeks if you decide you would like to add more time at the 6-week mark.

What if I want more time than 12 weeks?

Please thoroughly read the return/ refund policy stated HERE.