What is DryNamics?

Rework your brain

Discover the power of sobriety for an extended period of time. Allow your brain to rewire and rejuvenate as you work towards better health.

Guided SOBER Activities

Your DryNamics membership includes weekly mindbody meditation with Rangeeni, a health workshop with Master Nutrition Therapist Taylor Wessel, a book club and movement classes taught by Pilates educators Katie + Taylor.

Group and 1:1 coaching

Bi-weekly meetings with lead coach Katie and your DryNamic peers. Come together to support one another as we practice new ways of thinking and learn ways to self-coach with supportive homework assignments and journal prompts.


DryNamics is the flagship program for Deep Line Health Club, an intimate and growing community of compassionate and supportive people. Connect with well-being buddies from all over the world and feel motivated to stay on track.

What the "Drynamos" have to say...

"Drynamics made me feel like I was truly in control of my life and relationship with myself. Hitting the 90 day mark with no drinks was incredibly rewarding and empowering!"
DryNamics Season 3
“I thought it would be just like all of the other thirty-day no alcohol challenges I’ve done. I didn’t think abstaining for three months would make that much more of a difference. Boy, was I wrong!”
DryNamics Season 3
“The self reflection, the journaling, lessons, the homework and the book club were what really kept me motivated. I was curious to find out what changes could be made mentally, physically and emotionally.”
DryNamics Season 3
“I had no idea my daily habit of 2-3 glasses of wine at night were affecting me because I didn’t “feel” hungover the next morning. I was tired, I was depressed and I was anxious but I never connected those feelings with my daily wine habit. I felt so much less anxious and depressed after removing alcohol.”
DryNamics Season 2

Frequently asked questions

DryNamics 2021 will meet from January 3rd-March 31st

DryNamics is centered on connection so attending bi-weekly support meetings and 1 weekly meditation is mandatory, an average of 90 minutes per week with the group.

Additional thoughtwork will be assigned which is optional and self-paced. Also included in your purchase are an optional nutrition support meeting, book club and our private facebook group.

And NEW to this season, all DryNamics participants will receive an unlimited membership to Deep Line Health Club, Virtual Fitness Studio. These classes are a wonderful daily add, short and effective. There are both gentle classes and higher intensity options, all designed with the newcomer in mind. 

It’s really not a big deal. Join with the best intentions knowing that the only expectation in DryNamics is that you give yourself grace. You’ve never done this before and unexpected situations come up. You’re here to learn how to be mindful, not to learn how to be perfect.

If you do take a drink, you’ve gained some new information about your specific challenges around alcohol and we’ll utilize this information to bring you even more success moving forward. Remember, DryNamics is here to reduce your stress around taking a break, not compound it.

Nope, Drynamics is not an addiction recovery program. It’s a group coaching program for people who do not feel addicted to alcohol but who are curious about their relationship with alcohol and want to see what life would feel like if they took a longer break .

Drynamics is a group coaching program and the power of Drynamics is in the group! The meetings are held in private Zoom rooms and we will connect in our private FB group. Although your identity will not be shared outside of the group, you will not be anonymous either. There is no shame in doing something good for your health and the first step to owning your choice to decline drinking is to practice owning it with us.  

Though possibly not a huge concern these days, someday we will all socialize normally again. If you follow the Drynamics proven strategies, you’ll find out that most of our fears about sober socializing are completely unfounded. We’ll talk about sober socializing strategies more in the program but know that previous participants reported that they only craved alcohol in social situations for 2-10 minutes and after those first few awkward moments, socializing without alcohol feels easy and fun.

I’m not a therapist, I’m a coach. You can think of a therapist as someone who focuses on “why” problems have occurred where a coach focuses on “how” to help you make change.  Although the roles of coaches and therapists do overlap in some ways, we offer very distinct services. In this program, I work with you to coach you through the challenge of not drinking for 90 days so that you can focus on your growth. If you feel that you may need additional services beyond the scope of coaching, a relationship with a therapist would be a lovely compliment to this program. 10 out of 10 therapists support exploring alcohol-free living!

We offer full refunds if you aren’t happy with your purchase. Please thoroughly read the return/ refund policy stated HERE


Full Payment

Save More + Get More
$ 1285 One-Time Investment
  • Book Club
  • 7 Bi-weekly group coaching sessions with Katie Tomaszewski and DryNamics peers
  • 12 MindBody Meditation classes with meditation therapist Rangeeni
  • Lifetime membership to private Facebook Group with current and past members

Split Payments

Three (3) Equal Payments
$ 485 First Payment Due Today
  • Book Club
  • 7 Bi-weekly group coaching sessions with Katie Tomaszewski and DryNamics peers
  • 12 MindBody Meditation classes with meditation therapist Rangeeni
  • Lifetime membership to private Facebook Group with current and past members

BONUS: Well-Being Bundle ($835 VALUE!)​

Register today to enjoy these amazing bonuses.
$ 0
  • Three (3) months Unlimited membership to Deep Line Health Club Virtual Pilates Studio (safe for newcomers)
  • Nutrition Workshop lead by Master Nutrition Therapist, Taylor Wessel
  • Personal Coaching Session