“Breathe, Motherf*cker!” -Wim Hof

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Your body’s cells are responsible for how you think, move, digest, build, heal and more.

The energy currency for cellular function is called ATP. ATP is produced in the mitochondria of the cell using oxygen. When our cells are properly oxygenated we function, think, move, digest, build and heal more efficiently.

When the cell runs out of oxygen, it can no longer produce ATP. You can easily feel this during physical exertion, when your body gets “out of breath.” 

The good news is that you can “strengthen” your cell’s ability to intake oxygen through breath work just like you can strengthen your muscles by lifting weights. The more oxygen you can take into your body, the more stamina you will have in physical activity.



Being alkaline is so hot right now, but what does it even mean?

You probably know your body’s cells like to function at a very specific temperature of 98.6 degrees. Did you know that they also function best at a specific pH (about 7.4). When the pH is too low, the body’s pH is said to be “acidic.” Most commonly caused by stress, alcohol and food; the symptoms can include headaches, fatigue, GI distress, impotence, anxiety and depression.

When not oxygenated well, we rely on our cell’s back up plans. Those plans are okay, they will keep us alive, but they will also create additional acidic byproducts and additional physical symptoms.

Help support your cells in times of acidic stress by making sure they are fully oxygenated. When we breathe in and out for longer periods of time, we can bring our pH even higher, to an alkaline state. Reportedly, there are health benefits like better sleep, less illness and less stress when the body is more alkaline.

Shallow breath will definitely keep you alive but DEEP breath will keep you FEELING alive.

If you are in the Chicago area, please join us for a breath work class this Sunday, August 4th at 9am on the beautiful rooftop deck at Ampersand in Logan Square. Afterwards, we will have ice baths available for even deeper breath work.

Check out details of the event here.

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