I Don’t Have a Drinking Problem Per Se

I just like wine. A lot.

And when I used to drink regularly, I didn’t get out of hand with it. Well, not too often, anyways. Wine was just my reward for working so hard! It helped me relax for a few hours. Wine helped me be more comfortable around other people and FUN!

So yeah, I can’t say that I had or have a drinking problem at all.

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Life of the party over here

I was GREAT at getting drunk. Super happy, so much fun to be around. I never got sick, never got a DUI. It was a non-issue for everyone…everyone except me.

However, after I drink…

After I drink, I’m usually anxious for a few days, frequently depressed too. I lack motivation and discipline. I question myself like crazy. I have ruminating thoughts. I’m more insecure, more vulnerable to the opinions of others. Foggier. Weaker.

I have known for a long time that regular drinking definitely wasn’t helping my life. I had BIG dreams, but frequently exhausted from playing catch up for lost weekends, I never seemed to get anywhere. No time, money was tight too. I often just felt stuck.

Still, dropping alcohol seemed way too hard-core. A life without alcohol would be boring! Plus, what would my friends think? What would I do for fun?

Despite my negative beliefs, it became glaringly obvious that if I wanted more balanced days, I had some hard decisions to make about my nights.

I started doing cleanses. At times I would give up alcohol for a few weeks or a month. But outside of losing a few pounds, dropping booze for short breaks never did anything to change my life (besides piss me off). I would always go back to my former drinking style.

But with every passing hangover, the desire to make BIG changes in my life grew stronger. And the longer I studied my patterns, the more I realized that if I wanted my drinking style and my life to change I was going to have to pause my habits for way longer than a month.

That’s when I decided to use the extra money I was saving from not drinking to create a support team of therapists, coaches, healers and body workers. I studied nonstop and came up with unique strategies to change my thinking patterns around alcohol use. I practiced them again and again and again.

Along my journey I discovered all kinds of tips and tricks. I knew what to say when I felt pressured. I learned strategies to help myself when I was stressed. I was full of energy. I felt confident and clear.

But there was still something missing…

There’s a special quality about the culture of drinking. Drinking alcohol creates an immediate bond with the people around you. Everyone’s your best friend, at least for the night. And yes, easy come easy go at times for sure, but STILL, there’s community, a primitive human need, always available at the drop of a drop.

After about the first month or so, I didn’t crave alcohol for more than ten minutes a week. But what did I crave, all the time, was the easy community that alcohol guaranteed to provide.

I knew there had to be others like me. Others who weren’t ready to be sober, but were sick of the status quo. People who knew they would be better off if they just drank way less, but for many reasons, they couldn’t quite maintain the lifestyle.

Where were all of my people at??!

So I took matters into my own hands and in the fall of 2018, I created an alcohol-free, online community. I call the group Drynamics. It’s a collective space with diverse, open-minded people where you can re-start the practice of being YOU.

The old you.

No, not this buzzed performance of who you think people want you to be now. The real you, a 100% authentic version. Mask off.

What does Drynamics look like?

Connect with others trying out the same lifestyle. Meet in live meetings with life coaches, spiritual guides and more. Learn how meditation and journaling can be used as workouts for your mind. Restructure your daily routine. Eliminate habits that no longer serve you, bring in new ones which will.

Basically, you’ll retrain your brain to enjoy a lifestyle that’s actually good for you.

And the best part? The steps you’ll take to become more satisfied with less alcohol, will automatically help you feel more satisfied in other areas of your life. Lil’ domino effect for ya right there.

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Do I miss being drunk?

Eh, I had my fun with it. I wanna do other stuff now.

I made it 6 months on that first break in 2017 and I’ve taken loads of long breaks since then. These days I no longer desire alcohol. My life is just different. I’ve changed too much and drinking truly doesn’t fit in anymore.

On the rare occasions I have alcohol, (once a month at most), I’m mindful about it. The desire to become intoxicated is totally gone.

If you think you’re ready to check out this whole “living with peace and clarity” thing, and you could benefit from some clear guidance on how to get there, the next Drynamics lasts 12 weeks and it starts soon. Check out some FAQ’s here.

Getting your shit together is fun! Seriously. Questions? Click here. Let’s connect.

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