Citius, Altius, Fortius.

Faster, Higher, Stronger.

motto of the Olympic Games

Students of Latin see immediate benefits to their spoken and written English. Latin students gain an expanded vocabulary and an understanding of word formation that can help even with unfamiliar words.

Department of the Classics, University of Illinois

Students of Pilates see benefits to their current sport or exercise program as well as their daily lives. Pilates students learn exercises that teach their bodies to move with strength which will improve all activities, even when the movements are unfamiliar

Katie Tomaszewski, Deep Line Pilates 

Do you drive? What if you didn’t have power steering? Could you use your hand and oblique to turn the wheel instead of your pec and shoulder?

Pilates will teach you how to connect your hands to the muscles of your belly, so that you can do that.

Do you like barre class? Could you arabesque without hyperextending your low back?

Pilates will teach you how to extend your leg without letting go of your abdominals, so that you can do that.

Do you luge? Could you internally rotate your feet from your inner thighs instead of your ankle joints?

Pilates uniquely tones the deep hip which will help you internally rotate your thigh bones, so that you can do that.

Studying the method with a thoughtful Pilates teacher will refine the movements in all that you do in the same way that studying Latin will refine your relationship with language. You can still be an excellent runner without Pilates and you can also learn French without a background in Latin. However, undeniably, an education in the fundamentals and roots of any study will always enhance fluency and comprehension. 

Understand why your body moves the way that it does and choose ways to make your body feel better in those same movements. Study Pilates.

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